About Us

Kelso Consulting Australia was created by Maree Moreland in September 2016. Maree's passion for writing, and helping businesses to succeed, are the core motives for this business.

Our writing and training services help businesses to grow, win new clients, be efficient and productive.

Our Vision is "to be recognised as a trustworthy and proficient corporate writing and training business providing quality training and winning documents to our clients throughout Australia."

This is the approach we take for every client and every project.  We want to ensure that we are providing a high-quality service every time.   

Maree Moreland has worked in senior management in the business world for more than 20 years. Maree welcomes the challenge of turning a dull piece of text into something inspiring.

There is nothing greater than seeing a proposal or tender be successful and provide additional revenue, or a new client, for a business.

Maree has also conducted staff training, one on one training of staff, and group training throughout her career. 

She now wants to share all this knowledge with you.   

Our Motto:  "We don't succeed until our clients do."
Kelso Consulting Australia - Business Writing and Training Professionals


We are often being asked why the name "Kelso". 

The name "Kelso" has a strong nostalgic meaning behind it for the owner of Kelso Consulting Australia, Maree Moreland.

In the 1800's Matthew Fagan travelled from Ireland to a small country town called Kelso; not far from Bathurst in NSW, Australia. 

He worked on the railways, set up home with his wife Mary and had a family.  After about twenty years his son, also called Matthew, travelled to Western Queensland where he established a large parcel of land.

Like his father, he was a true Pioneer travelling to an isolated part of the world where he built a homestead and called it Kelso.

He loved adventure and a challenge; his spirit runs deep through the veins of all his descendants.  They have all triumphed over the harsh environment and hard times of their era.

This Pioneer was the great grandfather of Maree Moreland.

While Maree may not be as adventurous as her great grandfather, she does have a passion for a challenge; especially when it comes to writing and training.
Matthew and Annie Fagan
Settlers Park in Tara Qld - Founding Families

What Our Customer's Say About Us

  1. "I have been using Kelso Consulting Australia for the last 6 months to write articles or blogs for me. They have been fantastic. I send a short blurb on what I would like the article to be based on; whether I would like it educational or sale based, the tone and the underlying message I am trying to convey. Sure enough 2 days later I have my article, and they have exceeded my expectations each time, so much so that Kelso Consulting has become an integral part of our marketing strategy.”
    David Kelly - Solutions 4 Cleaning
  2. Maree of Kelso Consulting helped me with writing an article which will be featured in the local community paper next year. The process was very easy. I just sent her bits from everywhere what I want to say and she put them all together wonderfully and she also added some promotional words which would be very helpful for my business. She also edited my business document and I was very impressed by the turn around time and quality. I highly recommend Maree of Kelso Consulting for writing services and editing services.
    Sumico Photography
  3. "Really appreciate the course and all I've been taught by Maree. She is very personable teacher and explains how to practically apply lessons."
    Jodie G - Customer Service Fundamentals 8/12/16
  4. "Great general overview for someone looking to enter the market. Good feedback to questions etc. Very well structured - made sense in the way it was presented."
    Glenn W - Tender Writing Essentials 02/02/17
  5. "There are so many opportunities for businesses to tender but many believe it to be overwhelming - just go for it! Take this course."
    Caroline B - Tender Writing Essentials 09/02/2017